A Night On The Town

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She wanders the haunted streets alone, in the shadows. The air is stale. The sound of distant moans amplify through the seemingly vacant alleyways. She can feel the eerie frequency of presence. A conscious existence different from her own. It fills the empty vessels of these poor rotting bastards….poor is too kind of a word for her.

Her knuckles clench tight to the makeshift billy club. Her back is turned to the confrontation. She digs into her mental jukebox for the appropriate soundtrack.

Her loneliness interrupts and selects mid 60’s slow song. Sometimes her imagination works against her. It figures. She thinks to herself as she sighs aloud.


Thanks to Jul Mae Kristoffer for the color help!

Original Script and Drawing Giveaway!

We are giving away a copy of STKTD Episode 2 script titled “The Pep Talk” signed with an original drawing of SHE from creator DCastr!


A copy of the script to episode 2 titled “The Pep Talk”

Here’s what we are asking for, for a chance to win:

  1. Comment on this video

2.  Share the video tagging us (shethatkillsthedead) with the hashtag #stktdpeptalk on either your facebook or twitter profile.

We will be selecting a winner at random who completes these tasks before Friday (1-8-2016) midnight (pst)

Here it is! Episode 3 of our She That Kills The Dead micro shorts! This one is called “CUBE”

After the story there is a little pitch for our fundraiser. It’s a printed, color storyboard booklet. Here is cover:


You can find the booklet for the low price of 5 bucks (+shipping) from this ebay link just click on the logo!


or you can also click here.

Thank you for viewing!

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STKTD Story Board booklet!


STKTD: CUBE proposed cover.

Some friends at Rowdy Scallywags and I have a new micro short to share with you all! It takes place in the She That Kills The Dead Universe. It’s titled “Cube”

Things are all set and ready to go. The finishing touch is this booklet we will advertise at the end of the short. It will be approximately  20 pages featuring the story boards I created. Cleaned, inked and co-colored with Jul Mae KristofferIt will contain 18 storyboards, some concept stuff and a small intro to the event. 

We are printing a small run signed as a fundraiser for our next film STKTD: Worms!

We are still configuring the format to print, but for now here area few panels:


We look forward to showing you the rest!

Thank you for reading!

STKTD: The Cube MIcro Short Pre Production

Eyes of a villain

Happy to find time to shown a few things and write about She That Kills The Dead progress!
A couple of weeks ago my go to film buddy Robert Earl Ray called me and said “I have a free day tomorrow, want to film something?” …Like I’m going to turn that down.

I said yup. He said he wanted to try an exercise where we did a sort of one day film project.
Write, script, storyboard, prep and shoot in one day.
Editing, sound, color correcting and other post goodness would be done another day to maintain a level of quality. The next day we met, I had a clean, blank sketch pad and we began talking ideas!
After the plan was laid out I asked my friend Juan at Local Honu if you could film at his location. Very cool of him to agree on short notice.

There is a main villain to the STKTD world. I wanted to introduce him without introducing him, if you get my dander. Pretty much every character (even the side dead characters) has a story. They are all revolving recurring characters, as is life.

I tried something a little different this time when scripting. I scripted as I created storyboards. It was a bit more complex. I had many advantages such as, dialog direction, highlighting specific dialog with camera angles. It seems to make things much more clear to me. It saved a little anxiety on set for me as well.
Having the storyboards on location also helped our small crew Natalie Bilski and Ben understand the direction we were going. It seemed to help us visually get on the same page.
Here are a few of the story boards:

A cube at the mercy of our villain.

A cube at the mercy of our villain.

Henchman Grody at the gate.

Henchman Grody at the gate.

After we got the footage I took some shots with my cell phone. They are not showcase quality, but good enough to show here:

Grody. The mask stays on.

Grody. The mask stays on.

Grody dragging a cube.

Grody dragging a cube.

A picture of the costume design pre-make up fx.

A picture of the costume design pre-make up fx.

Last thing I would like to add is the band we get to feature for this bit. A damn good band by the name of Thee Imperial Royales The song we feature is titled Ghosts Of Rusted Chrome.

We look forward to showing you all this project. We are very happy with the outcome and look onward to creating, learning and sharing more! Thank you for reading!