Therapy in layouts

Laying out pages out of order.

Laying out pages out of order.


Things have been less than desirable lately. Obstacle after obstacle has left me at a productive stand still. I hate to be the guy to admit this, but pouring your whole fucking life and soul into your work can definitely leave some self esteem issues. So to help work things out I’ve decided to work slow, but work on layouts. This typically leads me to working faster. This artist thing is a consuming thing. I often find myself reflecting. I hate it. I loath looking back. As an artist you have difficulty seeing things as the majority does. Compulsion is my only sword. Sometimes this sword can be bladed at both ends, so I’ve learned to wield it as wisely as I can…Anyway, my point is I can’t change what I am. I can only indulge deeper into the id. Most of the time I feel disgusted in my compulsive drawing obsession, but sometime…sometime it is rewarding. I find myself finding comfort and mental stability in drawing and writing. Even though it is seemingly drifting me further from the common consciousness. I can only hope the trail of notes and drawing that follow me will protect me being insane. As opposed to the very expensive title of “Eccentric”.

I wish for an audience. An audience who will find this decent into the void interesting, symbiotic and relatable. This is why I call it a wish.

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