STKTD Story Board booklet!


STKTD: CUBE proposed cover.

Some friends at Rowdy Scallywags and I have a new micro short to share with you all! It takes place in the She That Kills The Dead Universe. It’s titled “Cube”

Things are all set and ready to go. The finishing touch is this booklet we will advertise at the end of the short. It will be approximately  20 pages featuring the story boards I created. Cleaned, inked and co-colored with Jul Mae KristofferIt will contain 18 storyboards, some concept stuff and a small intro to the event. 

We are printing a small run signed as a fundraiser for our next film STKTD: Worms!

We are still configuring the format to print, but for now here area few panels:


We look forward to showing you the rest!

Thank you for reading!

The panel conclusion!

Random Panel Conclusion

Random Panel Conclusion


Here is the conclusion to the last post. Penciling more pages tonight. With a Superman Sketch cover in between for a break. FYI, this will be cleaned and properly sized in true panel for later. 20 minute power nap, then back to the table! *yawn

Progress And A Painting

Panel 5 and 6

Panel 5 and 6


Here is a layout of panel 5 and 6 of a random page. Looks pretty dull and simple huh? Let’s see if I can make it breathe!

Another hollerer

Another hollerer


A lot of creatures I draw seem to be hollering. Well, they are. Emotional repression can be a mother fucker. Until telepathy can be refined there is only hollering paintings in between inking.