Moving onward and Mutating!

The machine is moving! Crawling? Well…

Here’s the thing, Project FOWL has been growing faster than I had hoped for. A comic I am working on about a native american were turkey. She is much further along in terms of pages and finance, but Fowl began to grow! I don’t know how else to explain it other than She That Kills the dead is my pet project that I am keeping very closed. Fowl was a project I wanted to flesh out for fun bringing some of my friends on board, so yeah.

She is still being worked on with a 5 page intro to the world, 10 pages event story and a 5-7 page introduction to the next issue. It’s a formula I am seeing very effective. I am 3/4 of the way complete. Very excited about these two projects. Rather than type and blab about it I’ll show up some samples of the cast and style.

Hope you dig!

This is a sketch process I’m trying out. A light Ballpoint pen followed  by water color:


I'm the Future

I’m the Future


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